Author Spotlight

Prenisha Aja

Prenisha Aja’ was born and raised in Conroe, Tx. She’s a 28 year old author who fell in love with the art of it all by picking up her first urban book decades ago. From writing down stories about her life in a journal to participating in the short story challenge that took Facebook by a storm, it all lead her to one thing. Being a Author! With her foot in the door and not knowing much about the industry, she wrote and self-published her debut novel A Bitter Love which opened many doors for her.
When she’s not writing books, she’s being a mother, a teacher, a friend, a motivator, and a hairstylist.

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Readers' Choice

Snatched Up By A Bad Boy 2

After going back to the man that she was to marry, Brynlee finds herself having to face something she never thought she would ever go through.

Now totally sunken into a dark place, everyone wonders will she be able to pull herself out of it, especially with help from a man that was only trying to help her blossom in the first place.

Dive into this finale to see if Brynlee gets snatched up once and for all by bad boy Sawyer, or if she settles and accepts Troy’s infidelities and puts her happiness to the side just to be with someone she has history with.