Author Spotlight


My name is Diaka Kaba and I am from the Bronx, NY. I have always had a passion for reading since the third grade. At the time Barbara Parks Junie B. Jones series were godly to me. As I got older picking up The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Soulja is what got me hooked to Urban fiction.

I began writing on Wattpad for fun and I got signed to my first publishing company Shan Presents. When I became a teen mom I put the pen down for a while then realized that every job I worked made me miserable and that writing was my true passion and what made me happy. The author who inspires me the most is Ashley Antoinette. My dream is to one day become New York’s Best Selling Author. 

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Readers' Choice

No Limit To A Bad Girl's Love 2

When Rayne makes a decision based off of emotion, she is left to figure out where she stands in everyone’s lives. After discovering her estranged husband’s secrets, Rayne is all over the place and filled with regret. One mistake and the entire world is against her. Trying to figure out where she and Juju stand, she begins to shut everyone out, except Andi, who is the one person that knows her heart and refuses to pick a side between her two best friends. But what happens when Andi is still caught in the crossfire of her friendships while figuring out how to mend her relationship with Patience?