Royal Release

A Thug's Sacrifice


Marcy Gomez was a young girl whose life was set because of her parents. That all changed the day she met Royal, and he introduced her to the street life. From robbing, killing, and scheming to fast money, she fell in love with the streets and could not understand why. However, that all changed the day Royal was sent off to prison and her parents got divorced. Now the triplets, which included Marcy and her other two siblings, were moving to Miami with their mother to start a new life. Unbeknownst to her mother, Marcy had other plans. Bitter from moving and finding out the real reason her parents divorced, Marcy set out to make her own way in Miami. Quickly finding a way to make her own money, she meets Ramel, an honest, older, and smarter street thug. He teaches her a different way to run the streets, like a kingpin, and not like a nickel and dime corner thug such as Royal. Being a quick learner, her rise to the top in his empire grew fast, and so did her feelings for Ramel.

After securing her spot in Ramel’s life, Marcy began neglecting school and causing problems at home. The day her mother became tired of Marcy’s disrespect by choosing street thugs over her education, she kicked her out. Now out and all alone, Ramel offers her a place to stay at his home, only if she promises to let the street life go. She agreed, only to find out that letting the streets go was not so easy. After a life changing event due to her brother being hurt and her best friend Khyrah’s untimely decision, Marcy’s past begins to unravel, and she begins to find out the truth about her past, from her lying parents to her shiesty ex-boyfriend. Right when life begins to reveal itself, Ramel gets locked up, and the family she thought she knew does not exist anymore. Not trusting anyone, not even Ramel, she goes against his wishes and takes her rightful place as the plug’s daughter and the queen of the streets, only to find out that not everything is what it seems. And when it comes to money and power, ain’t no love in these streets.

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