Royal Release

A Thug's Sweet Temptation: Charvez & Hazel


Do you believe you can find love in a one-night stand?

Successful and beautiful, Hazel Morris is living her best life and doesn’t know that she is missing anything until one lustful night changes it all. After meeting Charvez, a bad boy to the core, on the night of her best friend’s wedding, she is caught up in the moment and lets her lust take over to enjoy one night with him, even though she knows it is wrong. It is only supposed to be a single night of fun but there is one problem: Hazel’s emotions are quickly caught up and she wants more. 

Charvez was a street nigga in every sense of the word but after running his father’s empire for years, he was ready to call it quits. When he ran into Hazel at his friend and right-hand man’s wedding, love was the furthest thing from his mind, but her beauty was too much for him to ignore. After drinking the night away with Hazel, he’s overcome with sexual desire and ignores the urgings in his mind telling him that she is off-limits. Once the night is over, he tries to rid her from his mind but the sweet temptation of pursuing a woman he can’t have begins working against his self-control. It’s dangerous to want her and pursuing her could cost him his life, but he’s unable to resist his desire. Is having a woman that he can’t get out of his mind worth the fight?