Royal Release

All I Want Is A Real Hittas Love 2


If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

Charlotte “Char” Cooper is battling with the reality that she may have gotten in over her head getting involved with J-Rock, but she can’t fight the bond that they share. Finding out that their connection runs deeper than she initially knew, she wants to stand by his side and show that she is the woman he needs. But gunplay, deceit, stubbornness, and split loyalty force her hand in making a decision that may end their love affair before it’s even begun. 

Joseph “J-Rock” Henry has been fighting most of his life for one goal. His intrigue and almost instant love for her had him straddling the fence between the love of his life and the life of his loved one, his father, Joe Doe. When he felt betrayed by Char, it didn’t take him long to realize that there’s no place for love in his world. But as soon as he learns that she is in danger, once again, he is willing to throw everything he’s strived for away just to save her life. 

When life hangs in the balance, J-Rock and Char may have to put their pride aside and admit that their need for each other surpasses the things that they once held dear. Their whirlwind romance may be solidified by matters that are out of their control, forcing them to be together. Or, they may realize that their love has to be put aside in order for everything that they knew before one another to survive. Things heat up, and these two are forced to decide whether to fight for their forever, or let it burn.