Royal Release

All I Want Is A Real Hitta's Love 3


You can’t spell challenge without change. 

Joseph “J-Rock” Henry is torn between his life’s focus, the most important trial of his career, and the woman who has proven to be his soulmate. But loyalty goes a long way with him, and he feels like she has shown, beyond the shadow of a doubt, where her loyalty is. Still, he can’t shake the feelings he has for her; to the point where it costs him his focus. With too much going on to deal with feelings, and too much at stake, he has to leave Char to fend for herself and focus on those he knows are on the right side.

Charlotte “Char” Cooper may have made the biggest mistake of her life. She chose family over love but may soon learn that sometimes blood isn’t a strong enough bond. Snatched into a whirlwind romance that has caused her to catch real feelings, she may now have to make the ultimate sacrifice for the man that she’s fallen in love with. Even if it means that they may never be together. Life has given her some hard lessons, but the hardest yet, may come in death. 

J-Rock is fighting the clock, The Triad, and his heart. And the pressure is weighing on him. There’s no way to win all three, but which one will he choose to sacrifice in order to come out on top? Char may have finally made the right decision, but it may be too late. What will she have to lose in order to secure A Real Hitta’s Love, and is she willing to do it, even if what she loses is herself? Find out in the Finale of All I Want is a Real Hitta’s Love!