Royal Release

Allow Me To Love You: Ruby & Hendrix’s Story



Ruby Fortune is the baby of three girls and a sure-fire cracker. Her lively personality stood out amongst the largest crowds—making her a very popular student at the University of Michigan during her time there, but none of that mattered to Ruby. If she had her best friend, Raheem, then she was content with life all together. After being offered a job out of state, Raheem gives Ruby an ultimatum—either move to California with him or let go of each other for good. Ruby makes the move to give them a chance but the moment she lands in the sunshine state her world as she knew it starts to crumble at her feet. Her love for Raheem slowly fades and when Hendrix James—an old college friend—re-enters her life, things began to drastically change.

Hendrix James has accomplished part of his lifelong dream and he—along with his six siblings—continue to become one success story after another. As a recent medical school graduate with a residency offer a thousand miles from home, Hendrix takes a leap of faith and makes the move to California with his family’s support. He has one goal in mind—finish his residency—and officially become Dr. Hendrix James. Everything is going as planned but when Hendrix encounters Ruby Fortune—the one that got away—he subconsciously adds another goal to his list, steal her heart at all costs.

Note: This is a spinoff to the novel Allow Me to Love You. Though these books are connected, each can be read without the other.