Royal Release

Allow Me To Love You


Riley Fortune is a free-spirited music teacher with a soulful voice. Like some of the most beautiful music ever written, Riley lives her life to the rhythm of no regret. Blessed with everything she could ever ask for—a loving and supportive family, and a fulfilling career—the only song Riley hasn’t been able to complete is one about love, which has yet to come her way. Being married with children is high on Riley’s priority list, and at the age of twenty-eight, she’s starting to wonder if the family she’s always pictured isn’t in the cards for her. Just when she’s ready to put down the pen, Riley meets Zaire, the father of a pair of precocious twins she teaches. With his uptight and serious demeanor, Zaire is the polar opposite of Riley, which proves to be a turn off at first. However, Riley becomes intrigued by the solemn Zaire, and is determined to find out why. The more time she spends with him, the more she realizes that he could possess the love she’s always wanted.

Zaire Holland is a revered graphic designer who has spent his entire life working hard to have it all, and at the age of thirty, his efforts prove to be successful. He has a beautiful wife, a set of beautiful twins, and is at the top of his field. Of course, no love story can prevail without tragedy, and Zaire is at the receiving end of it, losing his wife in a fatal car accident. Left to raise his one-year-old twins by himself, Zaire throws himself into taking care of them and making his job the spouse he sorely missed. His mother and brother attempt to make him slow down and heal properly, maybe even put himself out here, but Zaire refuses and spends the next four years of his life on autopilot. He doesn’t see himself dating or marrying ever again because he’s already lost the love of his life. She was it for him. Then he meets Riley.

Will Zaire allow Riley to break down that wall and love him like only she can? Or will he succeed in pushing her away for good?