Royal Release

An ATL Trap Love: Blaze & Sole'

by Bria S.


There comes a time when there’s nothing left to do but level up. For Solé, that time is now.

Top Atlanta hair stylist, Solé, grew up fast, similarly to the way many others did in impoverished environments, but her down-to-earth personality and warm spirit always draws people in. However, no one knows how her traumatic past led her into constantly feeling defeated and no longer desiring love.

Blaze is a flashy, ambitious hustler, and the noble leader of GMB, the ‘Get Money Boys’ crew. He’s well on his way to achieving his dreams of becoming a filthy rich businessman, his idea of the perfect life, and he won’t allow anyone to get in his way. Upon encountering Solé and her audacious ways, Blaze regards her as he does all of his prospective women, in the same rude, aggressive and blunt manner. With his mind on his money, he has no time or desire to bond with any woman and would rather use her for her body.

But when Blaze’s feelings for Solé start to change, he tries to impress her in all the wrong ways. Unlike the other women he’s come across, Solé isn’t yearning for materialism; she is simply longing for a man to fulfill her in a rare form and connect with her soul. For Blaze, this is uncharted territory, forcing him to do things he thought he would never do.

As a battle is waged between their minds and their hearts, their desire for each other pushes them to let each other in but their past stands in the way. Will Solé be able to drop her negative stance on men? And when she does, will Blaze be willing to let his guard down and be the man Solé needs him to be?