Royal Release

An Heiress and Her Savage: A Tri-State Love Story

by Simone


The only thing Kayla Winters wants is to get her life back on track after a highly publicized divorce from her ex, a pro-football all-star. Finding peace through art, she’s an independent for the first time, no longer depending on her ex or her rich parents to support her life. But although she enjoys her new life, she doesn’t expect what she feels after meeting a man named Cain Ortiz… and she definitely doesn’t expect the major drama that comes when it becomes clear that her abusive ex isn’t through with her yet.

Slick-talking Cain Ortiz is smarter than the average and that’s only one reason why he’s the boss. After years of running the Tri-State area’s largest criminal network, where he’s one of the top assassins in the world, he decides to go legit. When he runs into Kayla, her sass and ‘take-no/ish’ personality has her on his mind long after a verbal battle that put them at odds. Though it’s not in his nature to take lightly to those who challenge his authority, that may be the one thing about Kayla that makes it impossible for him to get her off his mind. When Cain receives an unexpected call from someone in Kayla’s past, he’s left questioning everything he thinks and may feel about her.

With their past lives resurfacing to affect their present and future, Kayla and Cain become entangled in a fight for their lives. After suffering for so long and now being caught up in a new set of problems, both of them are left to wonder if it’s all really worth it in the end.