Royal Release

A'san & Bishop: A Thug's Obsession


When the legendary Jules Baptiste passed down his street crown to Bishop, he was in
awe. There weren’t too many people living in Raleigh, North Carolina that didn’t know who
Jules was. You either admired him, feared him, wanted to be him, or all of the above. Bishop’s mentor taught him the game and gave him the necessary tools to come up. The thing that excited Bishop the most was being able to take care of his family and his girl, A’san. From the day he met A’san, he knew she wasn’t like most women. She didn’t care about material things or his street fame. She was just a genuine soul that brought joy to his life, and for that he wanted to give her the world.

You can’t become king of the streets without going through some drama, and you can’t experience being in love without some kinks along the way. Bishop soon learns that he may have bitten off more than he could chew when he vowed to become the next king of the city. On top of that he’s very jealous of his prized A’san and he hates the fact that her friends are hoes. Bishop gets tired of trying to explain to A’san that she’s not just anybody. She’s his girl and if his foes want to touch him, she’s the fastest and easiest way to do so. With so much at stake and the devastating loss of a loved one, Bishop snaps and decides a relationship may not be what he needs at the moment, but he soon learns that was the biggest mistake he’s ever made. He may have realized it too little too late because for as much as she loves him, A’san refuses to be weak for any man and learning to live life without Bishop becomes her main objective.