Royal Release

Azaan and Jayda: Fallin' for a Haitian Hitta


Jayda is happier than she’s ever been. The love of her life is doing big things, and she’s almost done with law school. What is supposed to be the happiest night of Jayda’s life is cut short within a matter of seconds, and her world changes forever. Jayda becomes numb. She’s just walking through life existing, and she doesn’t think she’ll ever be the same again. It’s not until she meets Azaan that she realizes that she’s still capable of feeling something. Determined to use the situation for her own gain and nothing more, Jayda soon discovers that the handsome Haitian hitta from Miami, might not be as easy to get over on as she predicted.

Azaan Cezar is big on family, which is why he has no issues leaving Miami and heading to North Carolina to start a business for his younger brother. Beautiful, successful women come a dime a dozen in Miami, and a pretty face was never the thing to get Azaan riled up. Jayda is more than beautiful though. Her entire vibe is hypnotizing, and Azaan discovers that he just might not be ready for the emotionally scarred and obviously bitter Jayda.