Royal Release

Battered: The Spirit Bohanan Story


“Everything that glitters isn’t gold.” That’s a life lesson that young Spirit Bohannon just has to learn the hard way. At the tender age of sixteen, Spirit has a lot resting on her shoulders. Coming from a rather large family, she has to carry her own weight to help her parents get the bills paid on time. However, that still seems to be an issue. The fear of possibly losing her sanity behind all of the bills piling up runs her into the arms of Saieed “Fendi” Morris, a self-paid, twenty-two year old who promises her the finer things in life. Spirit is all in for the ride with the young god. Being so financially stable, Fendi gives Spirit just what she’s been praying for: financial comfort. She is able to now live stress free. She no longer has to worry about the stress of struggling to pay bills. Spirit would do anything not to go back to the struggle. That is until Fendi’s sweet love turns cold and his kisses turn into blows. There comes a point when Spirit has to make a choice between having the desires of her heart or simply having her life. Come along for this very dangerous and emotional ride as Spirit’s life shifts by what seems to be over night. Watch, as she learns that more money really does bring more problems.