Royal Release

The Best Revenge is Your Paper: Secrets of a Dallas Hustler


Two girls from completely different backgrounds are forced into each other’s lives when they both lose their parents at a young age. September, the sassy grey-eyed BBW and Hazel a Cuban girl who isn’t afraid to say what’s on her mind become inseparable.

Life at the Girl’s Home in Dallas was rough and poverty stricken, especially without any one to trust. They were tired of being bullied at school, wearing dingy clothes and hand-me-downs. But, there was no way out.

Until they meet two brothers Makavelli & Kanaan from New York at school. They both had their hands on a little cash, time, and brain power to help them escape from the home.

Falling in love young wasn’t exactly what September and Hazel needed but it was the come up that brought them closer. After the guys run out of their money, the girls are forced to work minimum wage jobs that doesn’t add up to the lifestyle that they dreamed of. The girls had bigger plans.

After Makavelli and Kanaan get caught up in the streets, they are forced to fend for themselves completely. September takes on a job as the driver for the money truck that picks up the money. Hazel, takes on a job as a call center representative for one of the most prestigious credit card companies in the world. They both become a force to be reckoned with as their fingers get an itch for criminal activity in the worst way.

Will greed tear the girls apart? Will love resurface and change plans? How far will this life of committing crimes last? Stay tuned and find out why the best revenge is your paper….