Royal Release

Boog & Zaharie: In Love With The Savage In Him


One minute, Zuri is standing at the altar saying ‘I do’ with the man of her dreams, the next, she gets a call saying her newfound husband, Phantom, has put himself in a situation and he may not make it out alive. Suddenly, her world is turned upside down and she’s barely able to hold on. When her battles start to affect their unborn child, she is forced to choose between being a mother and being a wife. She quickly finds out that doing both is easier said than done when tragedy strikes again. This time, her husband isn’t around help her through what may become a life changing experience for them both.

After the birth of their baby girl, Boog and Zaharie are still struggling to find out their rightful place in each other’s lives. Just when they’re starting to get it together, Boog gets involved in a war with an enemy that no one see’s coming, and with Phantom down, he’s having trouble coping. The streets don’t seem to know who’s after him and he isn’t sure either. The only thing he is really sure about is that he wants to be with Zaharie So when she decides it’s time to move on, he’s left feeling confused and betrayed; especially once he finds out that she’s been dating someone that may be a missing piece of the puzzle he’s trying to solve. Someone he doesn’t trust.

The built-up aggression from the situations in Boog’s life causes him to spiral out of control. His inability to figure out who’s behind the knife coming for his back makes him feel as if the world is against him, and the only way to come out on top is to kill anyone that crosses him the wrong way. His trust wears thin and everyone’s loyalty becomes questionable. The main goal is to protect his family, but when Zaharie’s new social life puts the whole gang in jeopardy, it may be something he can never forgive.