Royal Release

Captive Hearts


“I would say I need to protect my heart, but I don’t have a heart because it’s still in his possession. And it has been for the last seven years, so I guess I’m protecting my sanity.” -Kaylee

Kaylee Duncan is a successful TV producer, with a beautiful daughter who is the light of her life. Her life is going in the right direction for once, until in walks the father of her child and her one and only love, Jasiah. Seven years prior, he ended their relationship and disappeared without a trace, leaving her to pick up the pieces of her shattered heart. She sucked up the hurt and buried it deep inside, just as she always did, and went off to college. She found out months later that she was pregnant, with no way to get in contact with him. Jasiah’s return opens more wounds than one for Kaylee, and she finds herself battling a trauma she buried a long time ago, along with fighting the feelings that’s resurfaced for Jasiah as well.

“I know you’re still fighting your feelings for me, but eventually, you have to face the fact that your heart belongs to me, Kaylee, and I’m telling you now I’m coming for what’s mine.” -Jasiah
Jasiah Moore was ready to make good on his plans to be with his high school love, Kaylee, forever at the young age of eighteen, but things changed when tragedy struck in his life, leaving him a broken young man. He broke things off with Kaylee and disappeared without a trace. Seven years later, he’s back, and when he finds out he has a daughter with the only woman he’s ever loved, he sets out to get her back. The only problem is Kaylee doesn’t want any part in his plans. As he fights to get his family under one roof, he battles with the demons of why he left in the first place.
This is a story about healing, second chances, and true love.