Royal Release

Capturing The Plug's Heart 3

by Misha


Putting her pride and hesitation to the side, Justice finally agrees to give things between her and Zahir a try. Things start off good, but as always, drama rears its ugly head. With her mom gone, she starts to focus more on herself. After finding out who her father is, she’s livid because he could have saved her from the childhood she had. Will she forgive him or move on with her life without him?

Zahir is enjoying his relationship with Justice. Everything is going well; his new restaurant has opened, and he’s ready to start his legal businesses aside from his illegal. As he and Justice are becoming closer, he gets the shock of his life right at his front door. Now he has to figure out how to handle his situation as well as keep Justice from thinking this relationship was a mistake.

Justice and Zahir are trying to ease their way into this relationship. Justice lost the love of her life, and Zahir wants to show her that there can be more than one love in your life. What will happen when serious issues arise? Will they be able to overcome it, or will Justice end the relationship because it’s all too much for her?