Royal Release

Chase & Kassidy: All Eyes On Us


He was the realest, she was the baddest, they were the illest…that “IT” couple in the NY. The kingpin life chose Chase Baptiste long before he left his mother's womb. Following in his father's footsteps, he took his dad's dream and ran with it, quickly rising to reign supreme in the streets of New York, but a king must have a queen to share his kingdom with, right?

Enter Kassidy Kingston, the polar opposite of Chase's hitta ways. Where he's Stapleton, she's Chelsea. Kassidy is nothing Chase thought he ever wanted, yet everything he ever needed…but with her dad sitting at the head of the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area task force, Chase is the absolute worst bad boy Kassidy could get caught up with-but what's better than lovin' a thug?

Chase and Kassidy dive head-first into their romance, and while they're forced to dodge shots from every direction, she sheds her ivy league ways to ride for her hitta. With all eyes on them, they shine as Staten Island street royalty…but all things that rise must brace for the impact of the downfall…enter Zo.

Lorenzo “Zo” Valentino is fiercely loyal to his Dominican roots, and he'll stop at nothing to demolish the Haitian threat to his empire, a threat with a savage connection to the Valentino's past, a threat by the name of Chase. Once Zo sets his sights on Chase, nothing is off limits-will Kassidy ditch Chase's street fame for Zo's reign of Dominican royalty?