Royal Release

Cherished By A Thug 2


If there are such things as cocaine gods, they’re blessing Problem left and right. His clientele and his riches are growing by the day, but so are his troubles. Cherish is growing tired of hardly ever spending time with her man, and Problem has to take the good with the bad. Along with mo’ money, comes mo’ problems. He’s seeing a part of the game that he never wanted to see, including people being gunned down right in front of him. He isn’t the only one with the love for a dollar and the determination for a come up, but when his mother’s life is put in danger and his daughter is violated, another side of Problem is unleashed and he’s out for blood.

Cherish is confused and angered by the hold that Italy has over her best friend Brit. What baffles Cherish, is the fact that Brit knows Italy is poison, but she still can’t seem to let go. Fed up with watching her best friend spiral out of control, Cherish dishes out some tough love, but it’s an act that she will later regret. After suffering a loss that brings back the same pain she felt when she lost her brother, Cherish becomes broken. Cherish and Problem are both going through hell and rather than coming together, they seem to cope by pushing each other away. Lives are lost and some relationships will never be the same. Who will survive in this explosive finale?