Royal Release

Crescent City Blues 3


“The streets of the Crescent City are cold, but my wrath will be colder…”
Just when things seemed to start looking up in Ison’s life with he and Nyilah, admitting their love for each other and planning a future for themselves and their unborn, both their worlds come tumbling down when Ice receives a call that his cousin Prince has been fatally shot and now fighting for his life. As if things couldn’t get any worse for the cold-hearted street king, Ice finds himself behind bars, facing federal charges as well as a domestic assault charge with the rest of his crew. Will Ison beat the charges against him and walk away a free man, or will he be forced to love Nyilah and their unborn behind bars?
“It is often said that revenge is a dish best served cold…”
With Ice and the others behind bars awaiting trial, and Prince in a coma, Nyilah finds her life in shambles once again, wondering what’s going to happen next with the men that she’s grown to love and care for so much. As if that isn’t enough stress and weight on her shoulders, Nyilah receives some news that could change her and Ice’s lives drastically, and it leaves a few questions burning in her mind. Is she mentally ready and stable enough to be a mother? And will Ison be around for her and their children?
“You can leave the streets, but the streets will never leave you. It will always find a way to reel you back in…”
When the news of Ice’s arrest and Prince being in a coma finds its way to the streets of Miami, Louisiana’s infamous king and queen pin, Legacy and A’Khyia Martinez, make their way back to their home state to shake some rattles and put the respect back on their loved one’s names. Will their presence and return be the lifesaver to Ice and Prince’s drowning lives, or will they only cause more chaos for the young men? Amid it all, Legacy is presented with an opportunity that could help keep Ice and his boys on their toes while they are locked away, but the opportunity could very well cause serious issues for his marriage with Khyia. Will Legacy choose the opportunity to help Ice, or will he see that his marriage is more important?