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Deception: The Dangerous Side of Love


Alana Jones seems to have the life everyone could only wish for. She was successful, had her life in line exactly how she planned it out but there was one thing wrong: she was lonely. After ending her last relationship when she found out her ex was too much of a playboy, she meets Anthony Johnston in the grocery store. Anthony is tall, dark, and handsome and Alana doesn’t even think he’s interested in her until the two find themselves at the same club one night. From there, love and a relationship begins.

Alana’s ex, Karl Williams, is bored with the playboy life and is ready to settle down, but the girl of his dreams is in a new relationship with someone who she feels is the ‘perfect guy’. Unable to accept that there is someone better for Alana than him, he decides, along with Alana’s best friend Victoria, to check into Anthony’s background to see if he is really who he says he is and whether his suspicions are true.

Anthony Johnston started his relationship with Alana with deception on his mind but somewhere along the line, he finds he is really falling in love with her. But the problem is his girl and partner in crime, Lynn. Lynn is not happy about all the time Anthony spends with Alana and becomes suspicious that he’s deviating from their plan. And when she decides to do something about it, all hell breaks loose.

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