Royal Release

Drunk In Love With A Savage


Webbie said it best, if loving you is wrong I don’t wanna be right, and that’s exactly how twenty-three-year-old Denim used to feel about Omari, her boyfriend. Loving him was definitely wrong, not only because he was married but also because he had kids as well. Living life carefree with her boyfriend, Denim thought she had it all until one-night tragedy struck turning her entire world upside down. Whoever said love don’t cost a thing lied because it ended up costing Denim five years of her life. After she is released from prison, she has just one focus, getting her life back on the straight and narrow. There’s just one problem with her plans, Dimitri. 

Twenty-six-year-old Dimitri Saint Patrick Jr. known to the streets as Draco was a guy of few words, no patience, and a low tolerance for bullshit. With the streets of Chicago on lock, a bad ass fiancé on his arms, and a living legend in these streets, he was a guy nobody dared cross. But when his empire is shaken up, he doesn’t know the first place to begin to look because he shows respect and loyalty to everybody. When he meets the mysterious Denim, his initial intentions are just to obtain information from her, however neither could deny the strong chemistry they both shared. Will Denim possess all the answers he seeks? Or will she lead him to yet another dead end?

Strap in and follow along as Denim and Dimitri take you on an explosive ride that will have you on the edge of your seats begging for more. Will Dimitri be what Denim was missing in life? Or will she once again find herself broken hearted and DRUNK IN LOVE WITH A SAVAGE.