Royal Release

Fallin' For A Texas Thug 2


After finding out that Dex is married, Briana has gone off the deep end. She can’t understand why he would do something like this to her. Why would he hurt her like this? Her heart is shattered, and she wants to get away from everything so that’s what she does, but when she discovers there’s more to this marriage than she’d thought, she may be in danger. Is Dex’s love really worth her life? 

Dex is torn, he never meant to hurt Briana, but at the same time he can’t do anything to fix it. His and Isabelle’s marriage is business and nothing more. He’s in love with Briana, that’s where his heart is, but getting her to see that is the hard part. Should he fight for the love his life and put her in harm’s way? Or stay away from her? 

Kymani and Dreux are now an official couple and everything seems to be going well until his beef with Mike gets out of hand. Mike is set on ruining Dreux and his street credibility, but it doesn’t work that way. Things get violent and somebody doesn’t get up. Will Kymani get her happy ending or will she lose out on it because of a bitter ex?