Royal Release

Fallin' For A Texas Thug 3


They say there are five parts to grief, but revenge isn’t a part of it. Dex is plotting everything but forgets the most important thing. Briana. Life for these two was supposed to be happy, they thought they were in the clear when they went on vacation only to be blindsided. Not knowing how to deal with what happened, everybody is lost and can’t find their way back. Dex is drowning himself in work. Briana is drowning herself in liquor. She’s resentful towards Dex, believes everything is his fault. He feels the opposite; he feels like Roc and Isabella were always going to come after them. He was prepared but not for what really happened. 

Dreux and Kymani too had suffered a loss, but they also gained Sia and Sienna. With not much time to dwell on what happened they’re having issues in their relationship. With feeling like she’s doing everything in her own, Kymani starts to feel like she did when she was with Mike: worthless. Dreux never intended to make her feel that way. He loves her and she knows that, but it doesn’t change the fact of how she feels. Will these two work out their issues? 
In this finale, will Dex and Briana finally rid themselves of Roc and Isabella or will they lose focus and find themselves being the ones disposed of?