Royal Release

Falling For A Boss's Love 3

by Misha


Finding out another woman is pregnant by Mello, has Yani’s head gone. She can’t understand why every time their relationship is going great, something happens to mess it all up. Now that she’s pregnant, she can’t help but be indecisive about whether she should have the baby or not. Only time will tell if this relationship is going to work out or if they should go their separate ways.

They always say that everything that happens in the dark comes to light, and that myth proves true with Ramello. After a one-night stand, he finds out that he now has a baby on the way with a woman that he barely knows. Mello finds it hard trying to be happy about a baby that he wasn’t expecting, and now has to balance his rap career with getting back into Yani’s good graces. 

Marcel is finally ready to settle down with one woman, and that’s Priya. They move in together, and things seem perfect. She’s working hard so she can go to nursing school, and he’s always in the studio chasing his dreams and making sure that she wants for nothing. Even though things seem perfect, nothing’s perfect, and one of them makes a big mistake that they may not be able to come back from.

Both couples have been through a lot, and through everything, they’ve persevered. Is there such a thing as trying too hard? Most people think that things in a relationship should just come easy, but when they don’t, can these two couples get through? Yani has an undying love for Ramello; she let him in even when it was hard. Marcel has never loved before, but he loves Priya with all his heart. Are both couples able to stick by each other no matter what?