Royal Release

Falling For His Savage Love 2


All mistakes aren’t final… 

Over four years ago Goddess found herself in an affair that spiraled out of control, which left her to provide for herself and the growing fetus inside of her. 

Her pride and joy Journey is now four years old and with him becoming older and bills growing larger, Goddess makes the decision to join her friend Rida as an exotic dancer in Atlanta, GA—a gig so big, Goddess starts making more money than she ever imagined. 
But Goddess has always been a reckless person and makes unwise decisions—she manages to stumble in the arms of a heartless outlaw by the name of Pete. Pete comes with his own set of problems. 
When he’s involved with a woman, his controlling side always comes out—and sometimes the only way he allows them to leave him is through death. 

On the other side of town, her boss Omarion Solis runs the show in the ATL and owns the biggest strip club in the state. But before his rise to wealth Omarion did time behind bars and when he rejoined the general population, he had to own up and play daddy to his nephew, Josh.
After years of dealing with his nephew’s stupid decisions, Omarion decides to wash his hands, but when Josh starts a mess on the streets, Omarion cleans it up again, but this time a peace offering isn’t an option. 
Under the surface of tragedies and unwise behavior, Omarion finds himself catching feelings for Goddess and he may be the only man able to save her.