Royal Release

Falling For You: A Kensington and Benson Love Affair


Lovely, Kinsley, and Harper Benson are three sisters who have overcome adversity by leaning on each other in their darkest times. Now, as working adults in the world, each sister embarks on a journey of living out their dreams while trying to make each other proud. The lines are blurred between doing what they think is right and what they know will make them happy. When they encounter three brothers who are freely living out their dreams, things begin to shift in their worlds. 

Jarvis, Lamar, and Khalil Kensington are three brothers living for themselves. Everything they do is for the betterment of their lives. They are proof that living your dreams is the only way of life. A chance encounter with the alluring Benson sisters brings another life-worthy theme into their world, love. What happens when these six individuals embark on beautiful love affairs together? 

Note: This book will include three novelettes compiled into one book. Each story is connected and will be brought together by the end.