Royal Release

Falling Hard For A Boss: Adai & Kendrick


Twenty-four-year-old Adai Simms has never asked or needed anyone for anything. At eighteen, she established her independence by leaving her mother’s home and working hard as an independent makeup artist to put herself through cosmetology school. Her outlook on love is nonexistent because she feels that men are full of games and only want one thing, but that soon changes when she meets Kendrick ‘KJ’ James, a twenty-three-year-old music mogul and self-made boss from Decatur, Georgia.

They meet at a club that KJ happens to be part owner of, and their vibe is immediately thrown off due to Adai’s ‘independent, don’t need a man’ attitude, but Kendrick soon makes her realize that a real man is all she ever wanted and needed to tame that attitude she has. Can he make her see that he is indeed that man she needs in her life, or will her independent persona make him change his mind?

Will Adai put her attitude aside and allow a boss like KJ to give her what she needs, or will she pull a fast one and turn the tables on him? Amid a fated love on the rise, Adai and Kendrick both get unexpected visits from their pasts looking to destroy them both.

Will Kendrick and Adai fall into a whirlwind romance, or will past dramas cause their budding love to dwindle in the wind?