Royal Release

Falling For The Illest 2: King Karter & Shyne


In part one of Falling for the Illest, we saw Karter go from being Shyne’s rival to the love of his life. Finally teamed together as one, King Karter and Shyne find that they have more than just their empires in common. they both share a common enemy. That very enemy being Karter’s ex and Shyne’s cousin, Brooks. When Shyne’s ex Meisha is caught trying to rob one of the traps, Karter decides to torture Meisha until she finally reveals that it was Brooks who put her up to the scheme. Now, the wheels are turning in Karter’s head, and she comes up with a plan to get Brooks back in her clutches to find out who he’s working with. Shyne isn’t too pleased with the plan but gives in when he sees how persistent Karter is to end Brooks once and for all. Will her plan work, or will Shyne and the others come up with a new plan to take Brooks out?

In the wake of the drama, Karter and Shyne’s relationship is in full blossom as Karter finds that she is falling for the man that she once saw as her rival in the drug game, but will her relationship soon cause problems between her and the one person that has had her back for so long? The drama only gets deeper when Karter makes an unexpected discovery that could change her and Shyne’s relationship forever and more secrets come to light. Will this discovery bring the two drug lords closer together, or will a secret from their pasts tear the two apart forever? Find out in the final installment of Falling for the Illest: King Karter and Shyne!