Royal Release

I Fell For An Atlanta Drug Lord 2: Love In the Bluff


The Bluff is hot and everyone seems to want to take it over, but Death and Rain Escobar refuse to let it happen. The throne is theirs, and they don’t plan on getting off of it anytime soon. After being hit with a low blow by Zee, they quickly see what he is after and they don’t like it at all. The last person that tried to take The Bluff away from them ended up dead, and death isn’t an issue for them.
Death and Rain has kidnapped Zee’s sister in an attempt to lure Zee to them. So what will he do in this hard time? Confrontation is key in the streets, but how will Zee handle it being that his sister’s life is on the line? Will he come out blasting? Or will he try to outsmart the main players in the game.
Things have heated up, and Nariah seems to be unknowingly in the middle of everything. But, the big question remains to be, which side will she choose once she finds out what is going on. Everyone has a role to play and everyone has a position to be in. The only thing is, everyone isn’t satisfied with their spots, and when people are unsatisfied, changes have to be made.
Death and Rain seem to be the main target, but there’s nothing like a little pressure to get the blood pumping. Will they come out on top, or will someone knock them off of their square? Will Zee take control with Nariah on his side like he so badly wants to do, or will this in fact be the end to his very existence? Loving a Drug Lord is hard. But love in The Bluff is harder.