Royal Release

Hakeem & Serenity: Convenient Love Of A Boss


Serenity Miller thinks nothing of her living arrangement with her baby’s father, Hakeem. Hakeem knows the struggles she has faced in life and wants her and his daughter, Naomi, under one roof. Although they are not a couple, they feel it is best for them to stay together for their daughter’s sake. One night, Hakeem asks if she still loves him. When she answers yes, they end up in bed together. Serenity is sold on the possibility of them being a family until one day, the female on the other side of Hakeem’s room door comes walking out. She starts viewing him in a completely different way and fells it is time to move on.

She can’t let jealousy get in the way or deny that she still has feelings for him. She thinks that maybe they can possibly work things out, but someone has already claimed Hakeem as their man and makes it known that they’ll kill anything and anyone who gets in the way of her being with Keem. Can Serenity prove that she’s the only woman for him, without dealing with all of the drama, or will she end up dealing with more than she bargains for?

Hakeem does what he has to do to provide for his family at a young age, when he finally makes it. After seeing Serenity all over another guy, Hakeem is blinded by his rage although he knows she isn't his. But when the empire he built in the streets comes under attack, baby mama drama is the least of his worries. Someone is threatening Hakeem's territory and will stop at nothing to take over everything he's worked so hard for. Can Hakeem fight for Serenity's love in the midst of dealing with the madness of the streets, or will his entire life get turned upside down?