Royal Release

Hooked On His Thuggish Ways


Kaizlyn promised herself that love was something she was no longer looking for after getting her heart broken her senior year in high school.
However, after getting her heartbroken, her life takes a turn for the worst when she arrives home after school to see her mother dead in the middle of the living room floor.

Sadly, she’s now in the system until she is forced to move with her grandma who stays on the rough side of Houston. Causing her to have to go from having it all, to now little to nothing.

Jaxsyn, who runs the streets of Houston, isn’t looking for love either. At an early age, his mother broke his heart when she chose an abusive relationship over her two children.

With Jaxsyn’s little sister Keisha being a hard-headed teen, he finds himself trying to protect her and also keep her from turning into a person just like his mother. 

But even with all of the drama that is unfolding, cupid has a funny way of intervening in someone’s life. With both of them not looking for love, the attraction they have for each other can’t be denied. 
Nevertheless, love is gained but love is also lost and once you dive into this emotional read, you’ll see what price, if any, you’ll pay when you’re Hooked on His Thuggish Ways.