Royal Release

I Want To Belong To You


Full standalone novel!

Valerie Duncan hides her damaged soul with ease. She is always the laughing, bright smile wearing, and fiery personality everyone knows her to be, but deep inside, she is everything but that. A failed relationship and a body that couldn’t take a pregnancy to full term causes her to make a promise to herself to never fall in love again. She is able to keep that promise, until in the midst of family drama, in walks Noah.

Noah Peterson is the epitome of a southern man with southern charm, and being a cop in the gritty city of Detroit doesn’t take that away from him. He’s working hard in a new position in a new city, but when his friend, Jasiah, unintentionally introduces him to Valerie, his focus begins to shift. Valerie is everything he’s ever wanted in a woman, but she’s doesn’t want anything to do with him… until she finds out that his job has become a danger to him. Then she finds herself wanting to protect him, even when she knows she can’t.

Can he win Valerie over while dealing with all the other drama in his life? Or has he bit off more than he can chew?

*A Captive Hearts spin-off! Reading Captive Hearts is not a requirement but will give you a full understanding of this story.*