Royal Release

I'll Hold You Down: The Heart Of A Street King


Natalie Clover is a twenty-five-year-old substitute teacher. Her life was complete and things were going well for her. That is until her boyfriend, Jeremy Stanford, of ten years, decides to leave her for his wife and child that he conceived while they were together. The news about his secret wife and child rocks her world so bad, that it pushes her to try to do the unthinkable. Things aren’t looking too bright for her, until she meets Neil.
Neil is thirty years old, and he’s known as the Jugg King in his hood. He is single and he’s not looking. He feels like women are scandalous and all they do is lie. He doesn’t want that kind of trouble in his life, and all he wants to do is continue to run the streets and get money like he’s been doing. But then he runs into Natalie, and his opinion changes. He just has to have her. But with a snake on his team, will he be able to focus on her? A lot is going on right under his nose, and he doesn’t even know it.
So what happens when the snake on his team happens to be very important to the only family member he has left? What happens when Natalie’s ex turns out to be her new flame’s worker? And last but not least, what happens when the very person that Natalie allows into her home, turns out to be at the center of a killer problem for her? Will love even have a chance to shine with these two? Or is it lights out from the jump, leaving the game of love to never begin?