Royal Release

In Need Of Your Love


“I thought this marriage was only for convenience, but now I find myself fighting for my one true love…” -Rowan 

Cataleya Thomas has been dealt the short end of the stick her entire life. With a mother who only has regard for herself, she was left to raise herself. She graduated college top of her class, but with nothing to show for it, she feels as though it was a waste. At thirty, she’s drowning in debt, working a job she hates, and to make matters worse, she’s facing eviction after her mother once again puts their livelihood in jeopardy. Then in walks the man who broke her heart just six months earlier with a plan to fix it all. His idea—a marriage of convenience. 

Rowan Mitchell has it all: money, cars, and his pick at any woman he wants. Tragedy strikes, and it sends his life in another direction. A promise to his sister, just seven years earlier, makes him an instant dad after a drunk driver takes the life of her and her husband. He’s now responsible for his niece, Rayleigh, and though he has no idea how to raise a child, he has a bigger issue at hand: his parents. With a custody battle on his hands, his lifestyle becomes the focal point of their case. A run-in with Cataleya at a bar sparks an idea that could save them both, but in the end, he finds himself fighting for something else—her love.