Royal Release

Lil' Baby Addicted To A Thug

by Misha


After spending two years in jail, Harper is ready to make up for lost time. Although she has dreams of being a writer, the bills have to be paid, so she ends up working at a jewelry store. It is there that she meets the handsome, cocky and confident Maleek, someone she never expected she’d be addicted to.

A true king of the streets, Maleek runs NYC and is at his prime in his career. Having to grow up at a young age, he worked his way up the chain until he became the boss. When Harper and Maleek meet, he stakes his claim and is set on having her at any cost. He’s used to working hard for what he wants, and he wants her.

Liam is Maleek’s right-hand man and best friend. At a young age, his mother shipped him off to his father in NYC to raise him and that’s where he linked up with Maleek. The drug game has afforded him the life he’s always wanted to live, but now it’s time to go legit. With his woman on one side and best friend on the other, Liam’s ready to take over the world.

Harper is just trying to get her life together, while Maleek wants to see what they can be. Will she let her guard down, or will she run Maleek away? And as Liam and Maleek are starting to go legit, will the streets allow them to level up or will they pull them back down in the trenches?