Royal Release

Loves A Game For Two


Yari Logan has worked her way up the ladder in the sports media industry, and she couldn’t be prouder. At twenty-seven, she’s the newly appointed analyst for a major sports network. Her goals are to continue to move up that ladder and stay clear of men in the industry. She’s able to follow that path until she meets, Montana Stephens. Past traumas stop her from fully letting him in, but that doesn’t stop him from trying.

For the last six years, Montana has been living his lifelong dream as a professional football player. He’s one of the most respected and talented wide receivers in the game. He has everything he wants, except for a woman to share all of his success with. It’s hard to trust the intentions these women have when you’re in his field of work, so he stays clear. That is until he meets the new and beautiful analyst at Sports101, Yari Logan.

Malcolm Stephens—the younger brother of Montana—has just as much talent as his big brother. Instead of leaving college before getting his degree and committing to the draft, Malcolm decided that graduating with honors was first and football was second. He walked across the stage and was drafted into the NFL all in the same year. Everything in his life was going right, and when he meets the alluring and free-spirited Amiya Holland, things become ten times better. The saying “what goes up, must come down” rings true for Malcolm when a scandal rocks his world and shatters the foundation he worked so hard to build.

A scandal, job woes, and reopened childhood wounds could be all these four need to tear them apart for good, or is it what will bring them together in the end?