Royal Release

Lovesick Over You: Omari and Selen's Love Story


Selen is a woman that is trying to make her own way. As the owner of her own PI company things are going her way. Her focus is on work and her son. There is only one other thing on her radar; trying to win back the only man she ever loved and the father of her son, Omari.

Omari is a simple man of very few words. He doesn't speak unless it is absolutely necessary and he doesn't speak to Selen. Their child is the bond keeping them together but even then that's not enough. Selen has allowed one too many lies to pass her lips when it comes to the things between them and Omari isn't sure he can forgive her.

His stubbornness is being battled by the unconditional love he has for her. And all that is up against drama that is brought into his world through Selen and her work.

Will Omari and Selen finally be able to make it work after nine years and many lies? Or will they just remain lovesick for each other?