Royal Release

Loving A Dopeboy Through It All


As women, we all find ourselves playing tug of war with our hearts and our minds, even when deep down, we know what she should do.

Tiyanna is just like many women who can’t decide if she wants to stay or leave her husband, Charles, whom she has been married to for years. She finds herself being held hostage in an abusive relationship for the sake of keeping the picture-perfect image.

However, with a best friend named Briesha in her corner, she leans on her for support and advice, not knowing that Briesha isn’t being a real friend because, even though Tiyanna is opening up to her, Briesha is keeping secrets.

Find out the price you’ll pay when you fall in love with a dope boy by reading Luvin’ a Dope Boy ‘Til Death by Prenisha Aja’. You’ll find yourself glued to your seat as you ride a wave of a storm as Tiyanna walks a tightrope as thin as sewing thread that will eventually snap.

Blood will be drawn, secrets will be kept, and love will be lost, but will death be the only way out?