Royal Release

Loving A Boss 4: I Do It For You


It has been three years since his wife tragically passed. After being in a slump and throwing himself into work, Keegan finally thinks he is ready to start back dating. Love is staring him right in his face, but he does not see it yet. While out shopping for the perfect gift for his baby girl, he meets an intriguing woman, Cashmere.

Cashmere is full of mystery, and she draws Keegan into her web of secrets and lies. Her past is still taunting her and makes it hard for Keegan to get close to her. Keegan is persistent and doesn’t give up. A wrench is thrown Keegan’s way when he gets the phone call that Alana has escaped.

With Alana on the run, it is only a matter of time before she shows up and disrupts his life. Alana is still hell bent on getting her man, Keegan. She watches his life, and sets out to destroy everyone she feels is in her way and keeping her from Keegan. Alana discovers Cashmere’s secret life and takes it and runs with it. One thing she knows for sure, is Keegan does not like secrets.

Between Alana escaping and internal family issues, Keegan finds himself on the most thrilling roller coaster ride of his life. Thankfully, he has an assistant, Zoey, to help him get through his day-to-day operation. Keegan is looking for love that can handle his boss-like lifestyle. Is Cashmere the one? Or will her secret cause more pain instead of love?