Royal Release

Loving Me Is Hard To Do 4


Time is running out and Lasane, Kasim, Drew are slowly losing their minds. It’s a race to beat the clock to get Lyric, Egypt and the others home. 

Kayla is missing her best friend, and it shows. After seeing proof that Paris is out to stick her teeth in Lasane, Kayla makes a decision that can cost her everything, including her freedom. Trying to deal with the fact she may never see her best friends again takes more of a toll on her sanity than she thought. 

While in captivity, Egypt learns a devastating truth from her past. Will she make it out alive to share her newfound news with the love of her life, Drew? 

On his search to find Egypt and the others, Drew comes across his long-lost sister, making it even more important to find them all and bring them back safely.

Join the family on one last ride, as each couple fights for a happy ending to this thing called love.