Royal Release

Loving Me Is Hard To Do


Lyric Daniels gave her whole life to her baby daddy, Cortez. After a serious injury, Lyric is left to deal with the depression that Cortez falls into. After finding out the one man she loves has betrayed her in the worst way, she finds comfort in a mysterious man named Ace. Ace is charming in every sense of the word but is carrying a dark secret that could cost him his chance with Lyric.
Kayla Dogan is a heavyset young woman who has let her insecurities bring out the worst of her. After being heartbroken by her first love, Lasane, her life since has been nothing but failed relationships and a shocking weight gain. She has completely given up on love until Lasane comes and tries to right his wrongs.
Egypt Lyon lost her life in the blink of an eye. She once had a loving family but is turned around when her father walks away from her and her mother. Not being able to deal with the heartache, Asia, her mother, turns to drugs. Asia’s choices in life cause her to betray her daughter in the worst way a mother can. Now Egypt is left with the wonders of having a normal life again.
All of these women have one thing in common; loving them will be hard to do