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The One That Got Away 3: A Miami Love Affair


In this finale, Iyana finds herself abandoned and pregnant after she is kidnapped and raped by her ex-boyfriend, Elijah. Instead of being the loving and compassionate boyfriend, Keyz walks out on her only to come back fighting to get the one that got away. That would be easy if he didn’t have other battles to fight like the one against Chico and Myriah about their son, Ishmael. It’s no longer man against man. It’s crew against crew until they all realize that family trumps all when lives are at stake.
Rickey, Iyana’s loud and sassy best friend, sadly learns that Tone is not the man he thought he was. After almost a year of being his bedroom action, Tone walks out leaving Rickey to pick up the pieces alone, or does he?

Sky and Shyne are the couple from hell while they fight the good fight in the name of love. Little did they know that their battle is bigger than love when new enemies rear their ugly heads. Will Sky and Shyne stick it out and fight together, or will their egos and careers get in the way?

Myriah and Chico are now together and things couldn’t be worse. If it wasn’t about the paternity of Ishmael, it was about his rowdy ex, Meka, who couldn’t seem to let go. Will their testament of love stand against the wiles of a jaded ex, or will they allow each other one more person to stand in their way of happiness?

Find out who wins and who loses when it comes to matters of the heart. There are never any easy battles but once you win, the beauty is getting the prize you fought and would kill for.