Royal Release

Only A Thug Could Love Her: Makayla & Qualim


Meet Makayla, a young girl from Cleveland trying to find her way while dealing with her cheating boyfriend, Qualim. Qualim is her first with everything, but after finding him with his side-piece, Angela; all bets are off. Makayla leaves Qualim and moves on with her life with the man she THINKS may be able to bring a little bit of sunshine back into her life.

Qualim, the boss of all bosses, has the love of his life, Makayla by his side but he just can’t seem to be the faithful man that she needs. Quickly realizing that Makayla is fed-up he finds himself without the very one who made everything in his life better. Faced with a ratchet baby mother and his side-piece, Angela who bring him nothing but misery he is determined to find his way back to the love of his life, Makayla.

Come take a ride with Qualim & Makalya to see if they figure out that sometimes the grass isn’t greener and maybe just maybe happily ever after was right there all along.