Royal Release

Recklessly In Love With A B-More Thug

by Bria S.


Have you ever been in a relationship with a thug? Take the slow yet crazy ride with Logan Brown, a young independent Baltimore woman that begins to realize she has chosen the wrong thug to give her heart to. Heiress to a drug empire, Logan takes a chance at dating her older brother's best friend and right-hand man, Deandre. But when things begin to change for the worse, she knows that she can't be honest with her family about everything happening in the relationship. What starts off as a sweet love ends up taking a turn Logan never predicted.
Deandre is a well-known dope boy and man whore and has had a crush on Logan since childhood. He has a live-in girlfriend, Candi, that he isn’t in love with, but still pursues Logan, not telling her and the rest of the family the truth about his home life. Deandre feels he can’t leave Candi until he’s finished with battling his legal troubles, but he is still selfish enough to allow Logan to fall in love with him. After finding out the truth, Logan decides to leave Deandre alone and give her co-worker, Derrick, an average guy a chance, but he’s just not thug enough for her. Logan soon realizes that she chose to ignore all of the negative signs from when she first began dating Deandre.
Her strength and loyalty to herself will be tested as her family's empire hangs in the balance. Can she remain committed to a man who doesn't have all of his cards stacked in a deck? Money, control, power, and lies play a key role in their relationship. One person can only take but so much. Find out what happens when someone reaches their limit. “The same red flags that you ignore in the beginning will be the same reason it all ends. How can any of us evolve and grow to be better if we just settle for out comfort zones? The spirit of fear is the trick of the enemy. Time is too precious, and life is way too short. If a blessing is directly in your face, you must be sure to take advantage of it…”
-Logan Brown