Royal Release

Saved By A Savage Love 2


Bria is in a jam when all the cash she has dries up, and she doesn’t know how to access any of her dad’s accounts. She still hasn’t heard from Kaine in months and still has a big secret she needs to share with him. Meanwhile, after running into his arms when she felt like there was no one else to lean on, Bria finds herself stuck in a situationship with CJ. Their relationship is taken to another level once he finds out she and Kaine share a bond that he can’t possibly replace. When he realizes he might lose her one day, he takes a path that leaves Bria suffering and feeling weak to keep her around. She thinks the secret she kept from her sister is causing her bad karma, but when she finds out the secret Briana has been keeping for all these months, she realizes that she may have been the weak and naïve twin.

After six months, Kaine has finally met the man he has been looking for and is ready to head home. He feels like it’s his rightful duty to check on the twins, but will he be ready for all the secrets that are about to be dropped on him? He runs into Bria and is hit with unexpected news. His feelings immediately spark, and he’s ready to show his softer side to get to her for real this time. And his thorough side, if he has to. He’ll have to go all out to satisfy to lady he loves and protect his family when he lets a Miami fling get close to him without realizing it.

Just when he thinks he’s been through it all, his heart is put on the line, and he’s forced to bring his savage out to save his family once again. However, he doesn’t realize, no matter how long he stays away, he will still have to face the bloody past he left behind. Once he thinks things have calmed down for good, they’re just getting started.