Royal Release

Shawty Got A Thang For Them Country Boys 3


Ugly finds himself jammed up at the worst possible time. When Sundy needs him the
most he is abruptly taken from her, and there is nothing that either of them can do about it. He feels like he let his girlfriend and his son down and that eats at him. All Ugly wants to do is get back home to his family, but a vindictive C.O. might make that hard if Ugly doesn’t play his cards right.

After losing so many people, Sundy is at her breaking point. She just can’t seem to
figure out why her life has suddenly taken such a turn for the worst. Just as Sundy thinks
she may be on the verge of losing her mind, she finds something to stay strong for. Finding strength from an unexpected source, Sundy pulls herself together and refuses to keep sulking. Life isn’t going to let her off the hook that easily though. Between someone coming to collect on an old vendetta and finding out that Reese is even more of a snake than everyone originally thought, Sundy finds herself fighting for her life and for redemption.

Reese is still the same black-hearted, envious person that she’s always been, but she
becomes even worse. In this jaw dropping finale, nothing seems to go right for Reese, and instead of looking at it as karma, it makes her even more vindictive. Reese is determined to get her way by any means necessary, and her actions may be the very thing to lead to her demise.