Royal Release

She Made A Savage Change His Ways 2


Dre is following in his brother Dom’s footsteps no matter how many people tell him he’s better than the streets, but he’s not trying to hear it. Circumstances have hardened Dre, and all he cares about is a come up. When the beautiful Chanel moves back to the hood, rumors are swirling that she’s stuck up and only deals with men that have money. Dre can respect it and doesn’t even try to shoot his shot, until unforeseen circumstances bring the pair together in a way they never expected. 

Montego has been out of the streets for years, and it’s taking a toll on him. He’s feeling inadequate, and it’s causing problems in his and Courtney’s relationship. Strong willed and stubborn, Courtney doesn’t want to have to slow down at the peak of her career, but will her relationship survive if she doesn’t? 

Dom sees Adijah changing before his very eyes, and he doesn’t like it. Her newfound success has her acting different, and despite the problems it causes, Dom has always vowed to ride with her right or wrong, but is Adijah too wrapped up in her own world to see that?