Royal Release

Shonasia & X 2: A Miami Love Takeover


X has piqued Shonasia’s interest with his brazen and no bars hold approach. He’s a suit wearing, no trapping house hanging bad boy that’s somehow pricked her heart. Shona soon learns that while the courtroom groomed, they can’t hold him. He wants her and there’s nothing she can do about it except let him have her.

Avery Sampson, X’s scorned ex, is not used to the word no. She has it all, beauty, reputation, and status. She has everything but the man she wants. That’s X, and she will stop at nothing to get him back, even threatening his life and career.

Kaleela’s love life is in on the rocks and Chaney has gone out to play. Her new toy is rapper, Dread Man, and he’s ready to make her his own. Playing, however, leads to possible dire consequences that may cost Kaleela her freedom.

Reagan’s drinking sends her back to a dark place called rehab while Gator is in a new situationship. Soon, his situationship creates a situation that neither of them may be able to recover from.

Emotions are high, and love doesn’t feel like love when it slowly creeps in and renders you pain. Time is almost up for Shonasia, but X may be the last stop.

Find out in this finale, if love is enough to overcome the evil seeks to take you out.