Royal Release

Shonasia & X: A Miami Love Takeover


After the takeover in New York with The Crew, Shona Bradley hates love and anything that’s affiliated with it. After years of loving an emotionally unavailable man, Chico from her past, she’s over it. Gone are the days of wishing she was wife and mother material while she threw herself into her work.

Unfortunately, the work she used to do in the streets seems to find her no matter how hard she tries to leave it behind.

Xander “X” West, a high-profile defense attorney, is over love too. After a whirlwind romance with the picture perfect woman goes sour, he wants nothing to do with love. It doesn’t help that he hasn’t seen a healthy love, growing up with a father who was well known for all the great works in the community that somehow never were shown at home. The result is X being cold-hearted, callous, and jaded. He trusts no one, starting with his father.

That is until he meets Shona and maybe, just maybe they are the cure for each other.

Detective Ace Alexander, X’s best friend, is wild and crazy. While fighting crime in the streets, he has no real time for relationships. While he’s not fighting love, he isn’t looking for it either.

Gabriela Wilcox is not only brains but beauty, stuck in a verbally and physically abusive relationship with her fiancé, Tyson. Tyson, a community activist, is embraced by many for his works but behind closed doors he’s Gabriella’s worst nightmare. The only way out for her it seems is death, until she meets Ace and possibly sees another way out.

Find out how love can come after a storm when you finally decide to walk out in the rain.