Royal Release

His Sky, Her Shyne: A New York Takeover


How does a man get an amazingly beautiful, sassy, and intelligent woman to believe in his love for her? Shyne Duhart struggles with this as he throws caution to the wind finally giving his heart to Sky Ramirez. Sky, longing to relax in his love, cannot seem to embrace that he can really love her and only her.

With her living in Miami, they agree to start their lives anew in Shyne’s old stomping grounds, New York. This move would be perfect except for Shyne’s new and undeniably attractive coworker, Mulan Carmichael.

Mulan, eager and willing to be Sky’s friend, can’t seem to catch a break. Sky wants nothing to do with her and to make matters worse; Mulan has never even had a boyfriend. While she is married to her job, Sky’s new assignment is to get rid of her.

Shyne, trying to find a happy balance, devises a plan with the help of his boys, Chello and Keyz, hoping it allows him to keep both women in his life. With trouble at home, they run the risk of losing more than love but also their lives when old enemies resurface.

Will Shyne’s plan be the antidote needed to close the deal on love in Sky’s heart or will they lose it all not knowing who the real enemy is?